Book Review: Jen’s Tale

This is the latest release by my oh-so-talented husband, this time published by the wonderful people at Red Rose.
Jen’s Tale is witty, sexy and fun…but don’t take my word for it …

Jen’s Tale by Christopher Newman

Red Rose Publishing

July 2009

EBook $2.99

ISBN #978-1-60435-358-7

Science Fiction, Futuristic

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Book Description:

Is love enough to save us?
Jennifer Allen is not who she seems to be. Her friends, family, and neighbors all think they know the twenty-six year old automobile engineer, but they couldn’t be more wrong.
Jen isn’t even human. Sent by her government to explore the Earth and it’s global warming crisis she is to report back if conditions are right for her aquatic species to colonize the world.
She is dedicated to her mission, until she meets Brent Ashcroft, a handsome and sexy biology graduate student. Jen can’t deny her attraction to him. Will she endanger herself by loving Brent or will she help usher in an alien invasion?

Book Review:
To whom it may concern. I come to you with tale unlike any other. It’s a tale depicting the one Jennifer Alan. It will show to others the adventures will go through to. Not to mention to show Jen the true mean of love and sex.
To whom it may concern. I bring you another exciting person named Brent. Whose sole purpose in life it seems to make Jen a very happy woman. You will come to learn like Jen, there is more than meets the eye.
Jen‟alein, a native of the Aquellian Empire, was sent to scout Earth to see if it’s good enough Aquellian’s to live on.
But what Jen didn’t count on in the insignificant planet a human worthy of saving. Nor did she count on developing those damn human feeling called love.
Brent seems like an ordinary man who seems to want to put a smile on Jen’s sour face. He slowly manages to crack the wall Jen has around her heart. It sure gives him points for being the reason for Jen to be a very satisfied woman.
Just when Jen and Brent are at crucial moment in their lives, she has to leave the city. Jen promises to keep in touch with Brent but this would not be a great book with a little bit of angst involved.

Christopher Newman is great writer of many books like the one titled, A Terrible Twist of Fate. Mr. Newman now brings readers a new take of alien invasion. His new twist on aliens taking over humans can only be described as fresh and original.
Jen is her faults but we can’t help but love her attitude. The ups and downs she goes through by being with Brent.
Brent isn’t going to just let the best thing that ever happened disappear from his life. He is going to be in the fight of his life. He does whatever it takes to bring back home the love of his life.
I can’t but love Jen’s Tale. It was definitely something in a class of its own. If you’re crazy about science fiction then Jen’s Tale is the one for you.

To it may concern, this one story you won’t be able to stop reading to the climatic end.


Vintage porn

I recently went looking around the internet for pictures of vintage nudes to use for my collage art.  I was surprised, although I probably shouldn’t have been, to find out that the ’70’s is considered vintage.  I didn’t know…and I’d forgotten how um, natural people were in the 70’s.  No perfect breasts, tiny waists, and shavening genitals.  No augmented faces and you can actually tell one of the “actresses” from another. 

The cultural flashback was a bit unnerving.  We’ve become so used to societies ideal perfection…huge breasts, tiny waist, blonde hair…hey wait a minute…I just described a Barbie doll.  I guess it was refreshing to see “real” people.  So, just in case you’re interested, or if you want to find great vintage pics for your art and don’t mind sifting through porn to get it, here’s a link to the site:

Here’s the first of the collages made with photos gathered there.  Enjoy!

remembering paris

Have you seen this girl?

Please go to this site and have a look.  This girl has been missing over a year and police seem to have given up.

Thanks for your help.


A Massage Oil Recipe

massage_oil_heart_bottle1With times being as tough as they are, I thought I’d post a nice massage oil recipe that you can make quickly and easily. The smell is delicious and it works wonderfully.
You will need:
A bottle, 4 oz. is a good size(rinse with a little rubbing alcohol to sterilize it)
almond oil, macadamia nut oil, or other light oil
orange and nutmeg essential oil

Fill the bottle with your oils, I use mainly almond oil and add a little macadamia nut oil.  Add 10 to 15 drops of orange oil and 5 or so drops of the nutmeg oil. Shake it up. Easy!  You can add small buds or whatever to the bottle for decoration.
This will keep on your nightstand for a couple months or store in the frig if you won’t use it up that fast.

Implied Incest? (Trigger alert)

ForbiddenViewsCoverI recently read a short “erotica” story where a father and daughter pick up a girl at a bar and go back to her place.  The two girls have sex while the father watches, masterbates on the girls back and leaves.  The daughter then “cleans” the girls back orally.  I was told the incest was only implied and that no other implication is made by this story.  In other words, this could be the first and only time this has happened.  And since it was consenting adults, well, that made everything  just fine. 

I beg to differ.  The daughter ingests her fathers semen.  The father sexually gratifies himself with the in person visual aid of his daughter.  This constitutes incest to me and to everyone I’ve asked about it too.  My question is this:  how many years of abusive training would someone have to go through to allow this to occur as an adult?  I mean, would you dear reader lick the ejaculate of your parent off a lover’s back?  Does this stuff happen all the time and I’m just naive?

OK…I don’t believe it happens at all.  No one out of the clear blue does these things.  This is conditioned behavior that has been occurring for a long time.  Too bad the author and publisher of this piece of trash don’t agree.  They seem to think this is okey-dokie.  Dark Roast Press, in my opinion, is condoning and glamourizing the act of incest in this particular story because, get this, NO ONE in the story is upset, grossed out, or in any way impeded sexually by this act.  The story in no way shows or states that this type of behavior, incest,  is wrong.  And when brought to the authors of DRP’s attention, not one author pulled their work from that publisher.  Shame on them and shame on Dark Roast Press.    I urge everyone who agrees with me on this to go to their website and protest, Twitter about it, check it out for yourself.  BTW, their is no tag on this selection to indicate that there is any incest in this story.  The book is Forbidden Views for which I regretably did the cover art for.  Show them your disdain.  DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!!

Communication matters

The absolute most important thing in any sexual relationship is communication.  I thought I knew this and was good at it but it was driven home recently.  Although both of us are what anyone would consider adventurous, we’ve gotten a little lazy lately.  It happens…and the last thing anyone wants is maintainance sex.  You know, insert tab A into slot B and a couple strokes later you roll over and go to sleep.  NO FUN!!

So we finally got brave and had a talk, you know, “I want this,”  and “I want this.”  YEA!   We discovered that while we’ve just about exhausted both our imaginations, we still want to try new things without going outside the relationship.  And with both of our heads together, sparks have always ignited. 

My advice, don’t become bored…or boring.  Dare to talk to your partner and tell them what’s on your mind.  Be creative.  Don’t be shy, that person on the other side of the bed is probably feeling the same way you are.  Pour some wine, have a talk, and let what happens happen.

Monday Erotica Review: Those Dangerous Times

Today is the review for the third novel in the Noah Ravenswood series by Christopher C. Newman, available at Dark Roast Press.

thosedangeroustimes3x5Those Dangerous Times  by Christopher C. Newman

There, standing completely nude in the pale dawn light, was Lisa. She was facing him and her body was quivering like she was having some sort of seizure. George watched in horror as a pair of dark gray arms emerged from her stomach– and the hands on the ends of those arms obscenely caressed Lisa’s ample chest. Blood ran down from the wounds that the arms had made in her stomach as those hands, pitch-black, clutched more like talons than fingers into the meat of the ex-barmaid’s bosom. Lisa’s eyes widened; they silently begged and pleaded with George to do something. A ragged rush of air passed between her clenched teeth as she found the strength to breathe. 


“George,” she softly cried as the color of her flesh became pallor with a sickening speed. 


“What the hell!” the big man spat, and he ran forward. As he approached, a creature’s face appeared over Lisa’s right shoulder.  


The long wild black hair framed a dark expanse that was twisted into a hateful sneer. The thing had no eyes, just twin wells of deep darkness on either side of its nose. It smoked; rolls of gray steam seemed to waft off of the thing’s body, creating a strange misty background to accent Lisa’s trembling, pale skin. Lisa’s body shook even harder and blood erupted from her lips, painting her chin a dreadful crimson.  


“Aaarrgggh,” the twenty-year old softly gurgled before slumping lifeless in the apparition’s hold.  


The phantom smiled; it was horrible to behold and made George’s blood run icily in his veins. It lifted up Lisa’s limp form and tossed her aside like the wadded up remains of a fast food meal.  


“George Dabrowski,” it hoarsely whispered with a chilling voice. “Do you remember me…?” 


“No!” he shouted at the figure creeping upon the ground towards him. “I-it can’t be! You’ve been dead for… t-twenty-four years!” 


“No, not dead,” it whispered in that terrible tone. “Just searching, searching and wandering until I could find those who murdered me. You will lead me to them all, George Dabrowski… I will have my revenge upon all of you!” 


“Piss off!” he screamed at the smoking gray spirit. “They’re my brothers! I’ll never help you kill us all!” 


George ran to the bike and jumped upon it. He fired it up with a roar and tore off down the road as if his ass was on fire. Behind him he could hear the creature laugh. It was one of the few sounds he would never forget. It was more of a coughing bark than a laugh, but a laugh it was all the same.

 My review: 

If you liked the first two books of the Ravenswood series, you’re going to love this one.   In my favorite of the series, Those Dangerous Times, the main characters really evolve.  You’ll get a glimpse into Noah’s past as a soldier, an insight into what makes him so gruff and jaded today.  If you liked Sarah, then this one is a must read, I won’t give anymore away about that, but the relationship between the two characters if finally defined completely. 

As for storyline, this novel is a real whodunit, with all the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from this author.  If you cross Agatha Christie and Stephen King what you get is Christopher Newman and Those Dangerous Times.  I can’t recommend it enough an give it 5 stars and two thumbs up!

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